An investment firm led by experienced investors driven by their passion to build great businesses.


We invest at the intersection of proven performance and potential.

At Ceiba, our mission is to accelerate growth by investing in people and technology to build market-leading organizations. We work with our portfolio companies to adapt, innovate, capitalize, and thrive on demographic, secular, and social trends that are relevant to your industry, markets, customers, and employees.


Whether it is continuous improvement on how you run your business or adapting to a changing market, we work with you to adapt your existing business model and/or develop a new model to capitalize on new opportunities.


We work with you to identify and implement short-term and long-term value creation initiatives. Our objective is to build around, complement, and augment the existing management team and organization.


Together we can move more quickly to achieve our shared goals. We bring to bear not only strategic capital to continue to invest in the business, but deep experience and know-how to execute strategic initiatives, and help take the business to the next level.

About the name


According to the Maya, the Ceiba tree is the symbol of the universe. The tree and its anatomy symbolize the three great fields of human knowledge: astronomical, mathematical, and spiritual. The Ceiba tree (Ceiba pentandra), also known in the Mayan language as Yaaxche, (which means First Tree or Green Tree), is native to the tropical forests of Central and South America and is also found in West Africa. Some species can grow to 200ft+ with a spreading canopy and buttress roots that can be taller than a grown person. The inspiration for our logo is La Ceiba de Palín Escuintla which is over 400 years old and located in Guatemala.



Core Values

In founding Ceiba, we were committed to building a firm based on our core values


Communicate clearly how and why we take certain actions.


We are fiduciaries to our investors, employees, and our portfolio companies.


We hold ourselves to the same high standards we expect of those we do business with.


We follow established processes and utilize best practices to build replicable success.

We believe in aligning interests with all our stakeholders


At the end of every day, we have to look ourselves in the mirror.


We offer due regard to all of our stakeholders, even when differences of opinions arise.


Constantly ask ourselves and our partners how we can do things better.


We will never be outworked or shirk from the challenges before us.


We invest in people and technology to drive strategic growth and operational improvements.



(i) the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area; a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge

From day one, we identify value creation levers, including opportunities to implement technology to scale and accelerate the growth of our businesses. Whether it is off-the-shelf software and hardware to drive operational effectiveness or implementing digital tools and strategies to better target, reach, and serve customers, the first 12-18 months with the Ceiba team is focused on rethinking how things are done and how they can be done better. That up front investment in technology and processes can then help scale and accelerate the business.

We have a strong affinity for businesses that can serve as platforms for buy-and-build strategies. We work with you to identify acquisition targets to shift the growth curve and achieve our mutual goals more quickly.

Ceiba Value Creation Playbook

Investment Criteria 

We look for U.S. and Canada based businesses with a history of growth and earnings.

– $15 to $200M in Sales 

– $3 to $15M in EBITDA

*For add-ons we will evaluate smaller opportunities.


Transaction Types

We focus on opportunities where the owner and/or management team is looking for the right capital partner.

– Control and non-control investments –
– Management buy-outs –
– Independent sponsors –
– Executive-led searches –

Situation Profile

We focus on companies we can take from good to great by partnering with owners and management teams whose interests are aligned with ours.

– Succession stories –
– Founder-Executive liquidity –
– Management buy-outs –
– Low transition risk –
– Easily identifiable value creation levers –

Target Sectors

We look for U.S. and Canada based businesses with a history of growth and earnings.

Healthcare Services

Firms providing care and/or businesses providing services to healthcare providers. 

Business Services

Business to business (“B2B”) models that are asset-light, scalable, and relatively non-cyclical.

Specialty/Value- Added Manufacturing

Value-added and specialty manufacturing companies with a strong design and engineering focus.

Enthusiast Products /Services

Passion-driven businesses built to deliver products and services to consumers, prosumers, and professionals.

Our Portfolio Playbook

We invest at the intersection of proven performance and potential.

We help build great businesses. Our blueprint for success is simple – we play an active role with our portfolio companies by working closely with the existing management team supplementing established private equity value creation methodologies while leveraging technology to accelerate growth and unlock value.

Systems & Technology

Innovate and implement off-the-shelf technologies to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness as well as to identify and develop new products and services to better serve customers.

Cost Management

While most middle-market companies run lean, the status quo creates organizational inertia – we regularly review the ROI on budgeted expense items.


Build out the C-suite and management leadership to create and sustain a winning culture of success.

Digital Adaptation

Implement tools and strategies to better target, reach, and serve customers.

We value strong governance in the oversight of our portfolio companies and look to establish a value-added board of directors at each of our portfolio companies. For all portfolio companies, we have at least one external director with relevant industry and/or functional expertise.


Our Business

We manage our business with the understanding that our decisions impact the lives of our own staff and investors as well as the employees in the businesses we invest in. At Ceiba we do our part to make an impact in our community and industry with a focus on developing, mentoring, and supporting diverse talent with the goal of increasing the pipeline of diverse leadership.

Our Community

In addition to putting in place programs to support our own employees’ philanthropic endeavors, throughout the year Ceiba offers paid internships and work-study opportunities to high school and college students from underserved communities.

Our Portfolio Companies

Leveraging human capital professionals and tools, we work with portfolio companies to implement employee giving, volunteering, and as appropriate, job training programs in their own community with a focus on targeting underserved communities; such programs include both technical trades and internships.


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